15 9 / 2012

Anonymous asked: marilyn manson please!!!

oh thats a good one! 

12 9 / 2012

santibronze-deactivated20130926 asked: can you do megan mullally please i love you so much

i have no fucking clue who that is! 

11 9 / 2012

mysexualpreferenceisnotyou asked: Please do Chewbacca!

haha I like that! I have my girlfriend out buying materials today while I’m at work so the standard will be rising soon!

11 9 / 2012

deanfeelhips asked: You've got to do Cher at some point, surely? And how about Gandalf?

gonna do the harry potter collective so gandalf is basically dumbledore ha

11 9 / 2012

boxod asked: Do you think you can do a Madonna?!

I dont think im veiny enough!

11 9 / 2012

noisand asked: DO BRIAN BLESSED

NO DOUBT! shit my list is getting fucking long!

11 9 / 2012

meatslog asked: do bob marley!


11 9 / 2012

bearlish asked: lol crackup! can you do the dude from Mythbusters? The one with the mostashe

got a bunch of mostache requests ill do one later!

11 9 / 2012

Anonymous asked: omg i think i know who you are!

i don’t think you do!

11 9 / 2012

plasm0 asked: You must do tom selleck.

nice! the tash would look great under my bell ha